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Cask's Top 10 Albums of 2015

This has been a good year for albums, but with careful precision, here's my top 10 albums of 2015 in no order at all.

The Darkness - Last of our Kind
They lost two drummers and gained Rufus Taylor (Roger Taylor of Queen's son) during the release and it kicks ass. 

Metric - Pagans in Vegas
Maybe weaker than most Metric albums to most fans, but Metric really do pull out the Atari-pop sound here

Black Star Riders -- Killer Instinct
The former Thin Lizzy reinvention comes back stronger, without losing the brilliance of their debut record. 
Millencolin - True Brew
A little more like the original Millencolin sound. Fantastic and fast punk album that ends sooner than it begins.

Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful 
Floor really should have always been the vocalist for Nightwish - a great album that takes the signature explosively orchestral sound, this time with Richard Dawkins. This basically launches Nightwish properly into prog territory.
Fightstar - Behind the Devil's Back
Considering Fightstar is an amazing band which features boy-band Busted's fantastic singer in all his glory, this album is the ultimate comeback for the guys and is filled with great tracks, with "Overdrive" being a standout from their discog. This is easily

Amorphis - Under the Red Cloud
It's a bit of the old and a bit of the new. Fantastic record with some fantastic tunes. Another Amorphis classic.

Ghost - Meliora
It's not their greatest album, but with tracks like "Cirice" and the mind-blowing "He Is" - it deserves a spot in any top 2015

Hollywood Vampires - Hollywood Vampires
Made up of Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry - this glorious supergroup cover album is simply fantastic.  Has some great appearances by Paul McCartney, Robby Krieger, Orianthi, Dave Grohl, Slash, Brian Johnson, Joe Walsh, Perry Farrell, and Zak Starkey. This whole album is filled with some pretty cool medley tracks and takes on rock classics. Oh, and the late Christopher Lee's last appearance on a record is the opener track "The Last Vampire"

Riverside - Love, Fear and The Time Machine
This is probably up there as one of the most beautiful records I've ever heard. Riverside's best for sure. These Polish progsters know how to kick you right in the feels.


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