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Life After Cyclone Debbie

After quite a few stormy days of non-stop rain thanks to Cyclone Debbie in Queensland (and its effects felt in the Gold Coast) it's time to assess the damage.

Whilst my streets were trashed and the creek I live on managed to come pretty high up, I was lucky. People have died and there are still many unaccounted for across QLD and parts of NSW.

Our creek is connected to Little Nerang Dam and as a result of its record spill, we managed to end up with a damaged road and a destroyed pump and shed (for irrigation water pumped from the creek. We had yet to use it)
We also managed to lose a lot of our fencing.

My cars got a little wet with my Saabs receiving a bit of water damage but nothing some towels and sunlight can't sort out.
We inherited a whole tonne of random crap including tyres and tractor pieces.

Hinze Dam spillway. The place was packed!


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Surround Sound: It's getting stupid, stop surrounding yourself.

3 in front and 2 behind? Perfect 3 in front, 2 behind and 2 at each adjacent side of your room? Great idea! Anything more? okay relax.

I upgraded to a 7.1 Channel system this weekend and needless to say, for audio and gaming it does the job superbly well - but why literally surround yourself? We have two ears. When it comes to audio I think that 2 channels are enough, with 5.1 DVD-A being a niche market that's awesome when done properly (Steven Wilson's mixes are genius)

22.2 surround sound (or Hamasaki 22.2 as it's called) is excessive. Ridiculous amounts of wiring and the idea of upmixing your stereo/5.1/7.1 channels is hellish but doable, but will we actually begin mixing things in true 22.2 channel format? Time will tell. (admittedly some orchestral arrangements would sound freaking brilliant if each instrument is given a dedicated speaker)

The Saab 99 Restoration Begins!

So the other day I was kindly gifted a Saab 99 by a Saab club member and friend. This 1973 Toreador red was last on the road in 2012 according to the registration sticker on the back window and was one of three rescued from Yarraman in Queensland (about 250km away from my place) So far it's not running, but an ignition coil and condenser should fix that. Then to do an oil and filter change as it's probably like tar. Despite the insanely wet weather here, I've been washing the car and polishing her up and bringing that red to life. The windscreen needed resealing so she suffered a little bit of water in the front but nothing too major.
I'll keep you all posted.

Mike Portnoy referenced in Dream Theater's "The Looking Glass"?

Studying the lyrics of "The Looking Glass", track 3 on Dream Theater's latest album "DREAM THEATER" I began to wonder if the lyrics focus on those who use social media and the internet to make sure people continue to know of their presence. More significantly, was Petrucci thinking of former drummer Mike Portnoy?

I would not expect you felt unnoticed and ignored
Better to rise above the clouds (Black Clouds was the last DT album Portnoy appeared on)
Than be a stranger in the crowd

All that you protected doesn't matter anymore
Rather be stripped of all your pride
Than watch your dreams be cast aside (Portnoy stated that he had other dreams to pursue, perhaps he cast “Dream Theater” aside?)

You are caught up in your gravity
Glorifying stardom
Singing your own praise

You live without shame
You're digging up a gold mine
Standing on the sidelines
Watching through the looking glass

You are not content with being nameless and unknown (Attempts to stay in th…